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Risk. Win. Further develop.

"Outside and in, risk it and win". In August 1999, the old Low German saying from Bremen motivated Marcel Meier to set up a company. His typical Hanseatic approach saw the combination of two fields: Machine construction and shipbuilding. Ten years later he discovered a partner in Oliver Schumacher, who enabled the company to acquire new projects and enter into cooperative agreements in the offshore and shipbuilding sector in particular.

Today, MVM is well-positioned with its 20 employees and successfully provides services to small, medium and large companies in the offshore, shipbuilding and industrial technology segments.

Our MVM company history at a glance:

  • 1999 Foundation of the machinery and fixture construction company Meier
    Managing director: Marcel Meier
  • Since 1999 Partner to KAEFER (formerly DSG)
  • Since 2002 Partner to Rapp Bomek
  • 2009 Expansion of the warehouse capacity
  • 2010 Extension to the office building
  • 2011 Registration of the machinery and fixture construction company Meier GmbH & Co. KG
    Company management: Marcel Meier and Oliver Schumacher
  • 2011 Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • 2012 Expansion of the production halls
  • 2013 Modernisation of the production halls
  • 2013 New business division - Industrial Technology
  • 2015 Expansion and modernisation of the office building
  • 2016 Modernisation of the machinery
    • DMG Mori - CTX 310 eco - Turning machine
    • DMG Mori - CTX alpha 500 - Turning machine
    • DMG Mori - DMU 50 - Milling machine
    • DMG Mori - NHX 400 - Milling machine
    • DMG Mori - DMC 1150 V - Milling machine
  • 2017 Expansion of the machinery
    • DMG Mori - CTX 800 Beta 4A

We are well-prepared for the future and we look forward with enthusiasm to new developments. We see the opportunity now to show the global market everything that we as machine constructors can do. Our partners give us valuable support - as responsible and quality-orientated suppliers.

In short: We know what we are capable of - how may we convince you of our abilities?


+++MVM News+++

Expansion of the machinery

01.09.2017 - MVM expands the machine park

To meet your requirements extends MVM the machine park around a turning center.

DMG MORI CTX 800-Beta 4A


Environmental Management System!

11.01.2017 - MVM introduces a new environmental management system and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.



New machinery equipment!

01.05.2016 - MVM modernized the complete machinery equipment:

-DMG Mori - CTX 310 eco
-DMG Mori - CTX alpha 500
-DMG Mori - DMU 50
-DMG Mori - NHX 400
-DMG Mori - DMC 1150 V

The focus of this investment are the ever-growing customer requirements and the ensuring product quality.



Hartmut Fokken celebrate his 10th anniversary!

01.04.2016 - Problems are there to solve it - this could be the slogan of Hartmut Fokken!

Congratulations to 10-years of service and thank you very much for the great commitment of the last few years.



And action! - Our new corporate film is online

01.03.2016 - An exciting time lies behind us...starting with the idea and implementation, finishing with a complete movie, after hours and hours of creative work. But thanks to the competent  film crew of Ganseforth Media, the idea became reality quickly. 

In our film we show the diversity and quality of MVM, including the three major departments under one roof: Offshore, Shipbuilding and Industrial Technology.