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  • Industrial Technology

Vision. Design. Performance.

At the outset of a commercial relationship we are often asked whether we are able to complement or improve on the existing automations for example, whether we can deliver precise batch orders, whether round plate assembly is a possibility, whether we also design individual units - and whether we deliver everything on time. Nationally and internationally. Our response: Yes, we can.

We design, assemble and program in accordance with your expectations and with our many years of successful experience. Our production systems/machines with or without robots are unique and are tailored to the respective requirements. Each of their individual parts is based on the same material: Quality!

We are specialised in automation. With cyclical automatic systems, robots, technically sophisticated devices and custom units, we design all the peripheral technology required for the production process, including workplace optimisation. When doing so we are also happy to take care of the entire project, from planning, development and production right through to commissioning, whereby our service team naturally provides your personnel with the requisite instruction. With our knowledge of leading-edge technology and a flair for progress, we solve every problem for you and with you - fully automatically.

Just ask us if you require assembly, sorting, packing and unpacking within your operations, if you need to transport and fit small parts, if your process requires optimisation or the existing conditions are tough.

In short: We look forward to your challenge.

+++MVM News+++

Expansion of the machinery

01.09.2017 - MVM expands the machine park

To meet your requirements extends MVM the machine park around a turning center.

DMG MORI CTX 800-Beta 4A


Environmental Management System!

11.01.2017 - MVM introduces a new environmental management system and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.



New machinery equipment!

01.05.2016 - MVM modernized the complete machinery equipment:

-DMG Mori - CTX 310 eco
-DMG Mori - CTX alpha 500
-DMG Mori - DMU 50
-DMG Mori - NHX 400
-DMG Mori - DMC 1150 V

The focus of this investment are the ever-growing customer requirements and the ensuring product quality.



Hartmut Fokken celebrate his 10th anniversary!

01.04.2016 - Problems are there to solve it - this could be the slogan of Hartmut Fokken!

Congratulations to 10-years of service and thank you very much for the great commitment of the last few years.



And action! - Our new corporate film is online

01.03.2016 - An exciting time lies behind us...starting with the idea and implementation, finishing with a complete movie, after hours and hours of creative work. But thanks to the competent  film crew of Ganseforth Media, the idea became reality quickly. 

In our film we show the diversity and quality of MVM, including the three major departments under one roof: Offshore, Shipbuilding and Industrial Technology.